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While we at Synthia Esther Ministries seek to  enlighten, educate and inform the world of spiritual (including the  occult - metaphysical),  and physical needs, harm and effects  detrimental to humanity, animals, and the earth on which we live, we  cannot be held responsible for others personal effort, opinion, motives,  and outcome's. 

 Therefore, users, viewers who adhere, follow, or heed  any and all advice read, viewed, received in articles, and/or materials  published by this ministry, are responsible for the outcome and results   following this advice and information. 



The Synthia Esther Ministries – (SEM) website  contains both religious, occult, and secular and sensitive subject  matter.  If you are struggling with depression, demonic obsession,   mental illness ,stress and/or confusion, please be aware some content  and pictures may trigger your stress level, or you may respond with an  emotional, mental and/ or physical reaction. 

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